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Installing the Drata Agent via Mac OS
Installing the Drata Agent via Mac OS
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The Drata agent is a lightweight application that lives in your computer's toolbar. This application is granted READ ONLY access to your system preferences to help ensure proper security configurations are set - such as hard drive encryption, screensaver locking, antivirus software, password manager, and automatic updates are enabled. These security configurations are required for SOC 2 compliance. The agent runs every day.


When an employee logs into Drata to complete their employee onboarding tasks, they will see a list of tasks to complete. One of those tasks is 'Install the Drata Agent.'

When you expand this section using the down arrow on the far right, you will see the option to select your operating system.

  1. Select Mac to download and install the agent

  2. Open the file you just downloaded

  3. Click 'Register Drata Agent' on the page where you downloaded the agent (under 'Install the Drata Agent')

  4. Check your email inbox for the ‘Verify Drata Agent’ email

  5. Click ‘Verify Drata Agent’ button in the email and follow the prompts

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