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Asset Inventory
Asset Inventory

An inventory of your assets is created within the Asset Inventory

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An inventory of your assets is typically in scope for a SOC 2 audit. To aid in your audit preparation, Drata builds this inventory for you.

Asset tracking has the following classes: Hardware, Policy, Document, Personnel, Software, Code, Container, Compute, Networking, Database, Storage. On the Asset Inventory page, you can filter by these classes. Select Assets from the left navigation menu to go to the Asset Inventory page. You can also filter by 'Types', 'Providers', and 'Owners', search for the assets by name, and download you assets.

To view or add the Asset Notes, select the desired assets and on the Asset Inventory drawer, scroll down to the section Asset Notes.

Manually adding an asset

To add an asset manually, select the Add Asset in the upper right and complete the form.

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