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Key Personnel Info

Key Personnel Info will fulfill criteria within your compliance framework

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Configuring your Drata 'Key Personnel Info' page is key to fulfill several of the controls within your compliance framework.


Only account administrators have access to this section within Drata.


From your company logo in the lower left of any Drata screen, click the Key Personnel Info option. Or, navigate directly from the 'Quick Start Guide' to

Click on 'Key Personnel Info' and add the Executive Team, Security Committee as well as the Board of Directors.

Within the space provided, type the person's name and you will be able to select a pill with their name and avatar.

NOTE: Even if you don't have someone on your team with the title listed, use the text below the title to identify who holds the responsibilities listed.

Board of Directors

Add your board members and a link to their public profiles. You must include a link to a public facing profile for each member. A LinkedIn profile is used as a best practice.

If you are still a young company and don't have a board of directors, it is ok that your board may just be your founders. It’s fairly common early on.

Upon completion, click 'Update' to save all details.

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