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Test: Security Patches Auto-Applied
Test: Security Patches Auto-Applied

Drata inspects your company computers to determine if each automatically applies operating system security patches.

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This test is part of the Security Patches Automatically Applied control that ensures all company-issued computer and workstation operating systems are configured to apply security patches automatically, if using the Drata Agent. If using one of the MDM connections, the test ensures all company-issued computers and workstations are compliant with the mapped security patches policy.


If Drata is finds computers or workstations that 1) are not automatically applying security patches or 2) aren't compliant with the mapped security patches policy, the test will fail. With a failed test you will receive a list of computers/workstations that do not have automatic updates configured or are not compliant with the mapped automatic updates policy.

To remediate a failed test, you will need to advise the owners of these computers/workstations to properly configure their operating systems to apply security patches automatically or to be compliant with the mapped device policy.


If you are using the Drata Agent, ensure that the user has installed the Drata Agent and that the Agent is currently running on their system.

If you are using one of the MDM connections, ensure that:

  1. The automatic updates policy exists

  2. The automatic updates policy maps to the user’s device

  3. The user’s device is compliant with the automatic updates policy


  1. Navigate to the Personnel page

  2. Select a Personnel and click to open the detail drawer

  3. Upload evidence that the personnel has enabled auto updates for security patches

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