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Security Report
Security Report

Drata provides you with a security report summarizing your current status for distribution to auditors, customers or others

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Many company's need to share documentation of their security posture with potential customers, auditors or board members. This report will enable you to do so and show proof of the continuous monitoring you are ensuring via Drata.


Admins and information security leads will have access to this report.


In the lower left corner, you will see your name and image. Click the arrow and select 'Security Report'.

Print Icon

When you land on the report, in the upper right corner you will see a few options. The first is a printer icon that allows you to print the report or save it as a PDF.

Share Icon

The next is the share icon that allows you to share a custom private link. You will see the link on the modal and can select the copy icon on the far right to copy it.

If you decide you'd like to revoke access to the link shared prior, you simply click 'Regenerate token' to create a new link and revoke access to the prior link.

NOTE: You CANNOT recover a URL once the token has been regenerated.

Under 'Security Report Sharing', you must select 'Enabled' for the report to be visible to those you share the link with.

Gear Icon

Finally, you will see a gear icon for 'Settings'. When you click the gear, you will have the option to update the report to show all controls, just the controls with evidence or monitoring within Drata, or just the controls with evidence or a passing test within Drata.

NOTE: Controls marked as 'Out of Scope' are not included in the report.

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