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The JSON Web Token (JWT) Security Standard
The JSON Web Token (JWT) Security Standard
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Did you know that Drata continuously monitors and fortifies our security protocols? One highlight is how we use the JSON Web Token (JWT) Security Standard to implement two-layer security on the web app. This encrypts all communication between our server and the web app so that external parties can’t intercept and decode them. It also limits unauthorized requests from malicious third parties, and helps guarantee service availability for our customers by guarding the site from attacks. JWT also alleviates the need for session cookies which means that security keys can’t be reverse engineered.

Our JWT implementation keeps you logged in as long as you’re using the app. So, no need to log back in when you're in the middle of something important. Also, this allows you to keep multiple tabs open for increased productivity.

JWT is just one of the many things Drata has in order to safeguard your and your company’s information.

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