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Connecting Drata to BambooHR
Connecting Drata to BambooHR

Making the initial connection to BambooHR

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Connecting BambooHR to Drata allows for automated checks and evidence collection to provide details on personnel hire and separation dates as well as their employment status.


Make sure you have admin access to your company's BambooHR account.

Drata allows two methods to connect, via OAuth tied directly to a user account, or with a BambooHR API Key.

For OAuth:

  • (Optional) If you want a separate user account to connect via OAuth, create one ahead of time with proper read-only administrator permissions.

  • Have the username and password ready to log in to BambooHR when prompted.

If using an API Key:

  • To Generate a BambooHR API Key you need to access the BambooHR console with administrator permissions.

  • On the Home page, click Account and select API Keys.

  • Click Add New Key.

  • Enter a name for the API key in the API Key Name field and click Generate Key.

  • Click COPY KEY to copy the key to your clipboard to paste into Drata.

  • Click Done.

To customize the application user’s permissions:

BambooHR will allow you to be very prescriptive with the admin permissions available to a connection if you create a custom access level.

That access level can easily be created by navigating to {domain}

The access level should have the following settings:

  • Under Step 2: “What this access level can do”, no items are needed, continue to Step 3

  • For the option “What Can People with this Access Level See?”, choose “See About other Employees”

  • Navigate to the data table below to begin selecting access level permissions for the following data

  • Turn on "View Only" for these fields:

    • Personal > Basic Info > Status, First Name, Last Name

    • Job > Hire Date, Original Hire Date, Employment Status, Job Information

    • Documents > Signed Documents (if you're syncing Policy info via BambooHR)

  • This access level will then need to be given to the user that is making the final connection in Drata


Follow these instructions to connect BambooHR to Drata:

1. Click on your company's name in the lower left corner.

2. Click "Connections" from that menu.

3. Click the "Connect" button for the BambooHR integration.

The slide-out panel will provide step-by-step instructions (see the image below).

4. Follow the instructions in the slide-out panel carefully. Take your time and complete one step entirely before moving on to the next. You can easily switch between OAuth and API Key with the green button at the bottom of the connection modal, seen below.

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