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Connecting to GitLab Issues
Connecting to GitLab Issues

Making the initial connection to GitLab Issues

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Connecting GitLab Issues to Drata allows for the automated checks and evidence collection to prove to auditors that your company follows its vulnerability management policy and procedures.


Make sure you have admin access to your company's GitLab Issues account.


Follow these instructions to connect GitLab Issues to Drata:

1. Click on your company's name in the lower left corner.

2. Click "Connections" from that menu.

3. Click "Connect" for the GitLab Issues integration.

The slide-out panel will provide step-by-step instructions (see below).

NOTE: If you do not use 'Security' as the label within GitLab Issues to categorize tickets as security issues, be sure to update the 'Security Label' within the panel. The same also applies to the severity levels.

NOTE: The “write access” toggle is automatically enabled. If you do not want to enable “write access” then you can toggle it off. If it is toggled “off”, you will not be able to create tickets with GitLab Issues.

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