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Adding multiple connections for infrastructure, version control and developer tools (SDLC)
Adding multiple connections for infrastructure, version control and developer tools (SDLC)

Drata allows you to add multiple accounts

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In your tech stack, you may have multiple providers or multiple accounts within a provider for each category (ex: Infrastructure: Heroku and AWS or Version Control: GitHub and GitLab). Drata allows you to connect multiple accounts or providers for infrastructure, version control and developer tools (SDLC) for continuous monitoring across your systems.


You must have admin access within Drata to connect to other systems.

For each technology, you will need to ensure you have the proper permissions for your company as well (ex: Admin access in Heroku). Search our help center for the applicable connection guide.

NOTE: You cannot have multiple connections in the following categories: Identity, HRIS, Background Checks, Enterprise SSO.


Within each cloud system category for infrastructure, version control and developer tools, you have the ability to connect as many accounts as your company supports. This includes (1) multiple accounts for one provider AND (2) multiple providers in the same category

In order to connect, you will click 'Connect' and a drawer will come out from the right side of the screen with detailed instructions for the integration.

If you already have an account connected for a particular provider but have multiple accounts, you'll notice the option to 'Add Connection'.

Once the connection is made, you will see it listed at the top of the 'Connections' page, under 'My Connections'.

For each connection you make, you will see the 'Account ID'. If the ID is not pulled in automatically, you will have the option to add an 'Account ID'.

To disconnect a current connection, simply click 'View Connection' and then the trash can icon in the connection drawer.

For infrastructure and version control connections, you will also see the option to 'Manage Accounts'. Learn more about:

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