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Identity sync updates in Drata
Identity sync updates in Drata

Understand when personnel, user, and device changes will show in Drata

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When you make an update within your identity provider, HRIS, version control, infrastructure, or MDM system to an employee or user account, it can take up to 24 hours to see the updates appear within Drata. This is due to the availability of this updated data on the connection's API.

Important to note, deleting an account in one of these version control or infrastructure accounts will not remove it from Drata. Instead, Drata will add a timestamp under 'Access Revoked' on the Managed Accounts screen. This is important as it creates an audit trail allowing for tracking of access control SLAs.

Further, these are the monitoring tests that are at least partially dependent on a once-daily or ad-hoc user data sync. If you click the Test Now button for these tests, you may not see a change in the results until Drata syncs the latest user data from the connected platform. Follow the instructions in this article to initiate an ad-hoc of that user data. Upon the completion of that sync, you can rerun these tests to see updated results.

  • Test 6 - Only Authorized Employees Access Version Control

  • Test 86 - MFA on Identity Provider

  • Test 87 - MFA on Version Control System

  • Test 88 - MFA on Infrastructure Console

  • Test 94 - Version Control Accounts Removed Properly

  • Test 95 - Infrastructure Accounts Properly Removed

  • Test 96 - Employees have Unique Email Accounts

  • Test 97 - Employees have Unique Version Control Accounts

  • Test 98 - Employees have Unique Infrastructure Accounts

  • Tests 61 - Screensaver Lock Required on Employee Computers, 63 - Password Manager Records on Employee Computers, 64 - Malware Detection Software Installed on Employee Computers, 65 - Security Patches Auto-Applied on Employee Computers, and 66 - Hard-Disk Encryption Enabled on Employee Computers, but only if you are using an MDM connection

  • Test 43 - Security Awareness Training Completed, but only if you are using a Security Training connection

  • Test 38 - Policies are Acknowledged by Employees, but only if you are using the Bamboo External Policy Management connection

  • Tests 45 - Employees Acknowledge the Acceptable Use Policy, 48 - Contractors Acknowledge the Code of Conduct, 49 - Contractors Acknowledge the Acceptable Use Policy, 55 - Employees Acknowledge the Code of Conduct, 57 - Employees Acknowledge the Data Protection Policy, 190 - Policies are Acknowledged by Contractors, and 191 - Contractors Acknowledge the Data Protection Policy, but only if you are using one of the External Policy Management connections and if you have specifically mapped these policies from that external source

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