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Connecting Drata to Bob
Connecting Drata to Bob

Making the initial connection to Bob

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Connecting Bob to Drata allows for automated checks and evidence collection to provide details on personnel hire and separation dates as well as their employment status.


Make sure you have admin access to your company's Bob account.


Follow these instructions to connect Bob to Drata:

1. Click on your company's name in the lower left corner.

2. Click "Connections" from that menu.

3. Click the "Connect" button for the Bob integration.

The slide-out panel will provide step-by-step instructions (see below).

Service User

Bob recommends making third-party API requests via a service user. Follow the below instructions to create a service user and apply the required data permissions.

Step One: Create the Service User in your Hibob Account

1. In your settings, go to integrations and click "Manage" under "Service Users"

2. Create a new Service User and save the Service User ID and Token

Step Two: Create a Permission Group

3. Back in your settings, go to Permission Groups and select Create Group.

4. Name the group, then, in the Group members section, choose Select people by condition and select Edit.

5. In the Select people by condition pop-up, delete the existing condition and add the Service User previously created in the dropdown menu for Add Specific Employees then click Apply.

6. Finish the initial creation of the Group by selecting Create. If a pop-up appears, Confirm the creation of the group.

7. Under People's Data, edit the data that can be accessed by choosing Select people by condition and selecting Edit.

a. Click Select by Condition

b. Click Edit

c. Lifecycle Status = Employed, Hired, Terminated

8. Under People's Data add the following permissions.


  • Email

    • View selected employees' email addresses

  • Employment

    • View selected employees' Employment sections

    • View selected employees' Employment section histories

  • History

    • View selected employees' profile changes history

  • Lifecycle

    • View selected employees' Lifecycle sections (This is needed to surface Employment Status)

    • View selected employees' Lifecycle section histories

  • Personal Contact Details

    • View selected employees' Personal contact details sections

  • Work

    • View selected employees' Work section histories

9. Click Save and Apply the changes.

Step Three: Link your Bob account

Sign in using your Bob Service User ID and Token.

Generating API Key

Another supported connection method is for an admin user to create an API key with certain scopes. When generating an API key, verify you select the following two items as approved scopes to give access to all the necessary employee and employment information:

  • Full employee read

  • Employee fields read

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