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Annotate an Event

Add notes to an event

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You may find it necessary to add context to an event, either for your auditor or for other teammates. The 'Notes' section on the event drawer enables you to do just that.


Only account administrators or information security leads have access to this section within Drata.


Select an event from the 'Events Tracking' page to open the drawer, Go to the Notes section, and enter any notes relevant to the event.

A history of all notes related to that event will display in the drawer.
You can edit and remove any note(s) you've written. Additionally, you can upload files along with a note in order to provide more detailed context or evidence. The file can be deleted by the user who uploaded it.

The notes are included in the event PDF download under the 'Notes' section. When files are uploaded as well, the download converts to a zip file to include the file(s).

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