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Vendor Security Questionnaire
Vendor Security Questionnaire
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This feature allows you to send a standard Security Questionnaire to vendors directly through Drata.


To send a security questionnaire to a vendor:

1. Go to the Vendors section in Drata.

2. Add your vendor (if not added already).

3. Select a vendor that you want to send the questionnaire to.

4. Click to the “Security Reviews” tab in the Vendor Profile

5. Click on “Send questionnaire” or “Upload a response”

To initiate the questionnaire flow, click on “Send questionnaire”. If you need to manually add a questionnaire responses for the vendor, you may manually upload them by selecting the “Upload a response” button.

If you “Upload a response” manually, you will see an immediate update of the uploaded response in the Security questionnaires card with the details of the uploaded questionnaire response.

If you click “Send questionnaire”, Drata will prompt you to enter the email address of the recipient and select the questionnaire from our list of questionnaires.

Upon submission, the Vendor will get the following email with the link to the survey.

Clicking on the Get Started button in the email, will automatically take the vendor to a survey with 34 standard security questions including multiple choice, text and file uploads.

Once the vendor completes the questionnaire, the user who initiated the survey will get the following email notification:

Clicking on the “Take me to the Questionnaire” button in the email will take you automatically to the vendor. Once you go to the vendor profile under the questionnaire card, you can view a table of the questionnaires sent and the download link for the responses.

Now, let's take a look at the downloaded response package. Each response package includes a non-editable PDF, optional CSV, and all the attachments provided by the vendor.

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