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Connecting Drata to ADP Workforce Now
Connecting Drata to ADP Workforce Now

Making the initial connection to ADP Workforce Now

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Connecting ADP Workforce Now to Drata allows for automated checks and evidence collection to provide details on personnel hire and separation dates as well as their employment status.


  • In order to sync ADP data, you must create a service account with a Practitioner role that has permission to fetch Reports from your ADP instance.

  • ADP Canada instances are not supported at this time. These instances do not include the required personnel report data.

First, create a “Profile” with access to reports

  1. In Setup -> Access Permissions -> Manage Profiles -> click "Create Profile" and fill in the following:

2. In "Menus & Features", make sure the following boxes in "Reports & Analytics" are checked. This will give the service account access to securely sync your data.

Double-check that the following “Standard Reports” boxes are checked:


  • All Reports (only grants access to report types that are otherwise checked)

  • Personal & Employment

3. In “Status & Save”: make sure to activate the profile, and then save it:

Then create a new user and assign it to that Profile

From the “Setup” menu, select “Security Management”:

On that page, click People → Manage Users → “+” to add user

Fill in the fields on the ADP Add a New User page (see below), using the fields shown to you in the linking flow (see below).

On Step 1, set the User type to the “independent contractor...” option, and set the User Role to “Product User”.

In Step 2, if there is an option to give the user access to Workforce Now, select that. If there is an option to make the user a Practitioner, select that too (you will attach their permissions via Profile later).

Proceed through Step 3, and confirm the new user.

Now go back to Workforce Now, to the Access Permissions page like before, and navigate to the “Manage People” page. Search for “Service Account” to pull up the new user (that should be its last name).

Click the user to pull up “User Access Permissions," then select "Manage Profile Memberships." Add the Service Account Profile that you created to the user. Click Save.

Now that the user has the right Profile, verify that the “Menus & Features” and “Sensitive Personal Information” for this user match what you set up in the Profile earlier.

Lastly, in “People Access”, make sure the user has “View Only Access to all People”.

When that is all completed, return to the linking flow, and click “Submit”. You should see a success message indicating your integration is all set. If the service account needs modification, you will be instructed to try again, with the same account values displayed to you!

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