Some customers prefer to complete the preparation for making the Okta integration during their Drata kickoff call in advance. Follow these steps for creating your Read-Only Admin Service Account user and API Token.

Create Read-Only Admin Service Account user and API Token

  1. Log into Okta as a Super Administrator.

  2. Create a new user and activate it via Okta’s user activation email.

  3. Grant the newly created user the Read-Only Admin role by going to Security > Administrators > Add Administrator.

  4. Log out of the Super Administrator account, and log into the new service account.

  5. Create an API token by going to Security > API > Token > Create Token.

  • IMPORTANT! Copy the token when it is created and store it in a trusted password device as this is the only time you will be able to copy it. *This will be added to the corresponding ‘API Key’ field in the Okta connection drawer in Drata*

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