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Confirm your personnel

Confirm personnel hold the correct status in Drata

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Confirm the current employment status of your employees and contractors within Drata. This will ensure that the correct personnel are monitored for compliance.


Only account administrators or information security leads have access to this section within Drata.

Update employment status

From the Personnel page, review the 'Status' column to ensure alignment with your expectations. These status has been pulled in from your Identity Provider. If you have an HRIS connected, the HRIS updates the 'Status' column to reflect employee status within your HRIS.

You can access the Personnel page from the Quick Start guide as well.

Out of Scope status

If an identity is not within scope of your compliance audit(s), you can mark them “Out of Scope”. If you mark an employee out of scope, they will not complete Drata employee onboarding and will not be able to log into Drata (unless they are an admin in Drata).

Note: An employee is in scope for your audit if they touch customer data or systems that touch customer data.

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