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Connecting UKG Pro to Drata
Connecting UKG Pro to Drata

Making the initial connection to UKG Pro

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Connecting UKG Pro to Drata allows for automated checks and evidence collection to provide details on personnel hire and separation dates as well as their employment status.


Make sure you have admin access to your company's UKG Pro account.


Follow these instructions to connect UKG Pro to Drata:

  • Click "Connections" in the lower left corner.

  • Click the "Connect" button for the UKG Pro integration.

  • The slide-out panel will provide step-by-step instructions (see below).


The following instructions explain how to create an API key from a Service Account (We recommend this method for user account security)

  • On the UKG Pro Service Account Administration Page (you can find this by navigating from the ‘System Configuration tab > Security > Service Account Administration), then click on "+ add" in the upper right hand side.

  • Enter in the admin of your UKG Pro account's username and email. You will need the username later.

  • Scroll down on the Web Service page to enable the following permissions:

    • Employee Person Details is required to authenticate the connection

    • Company Configuration Integration is suggested

    • Personnel Integration is suggested

    • Employee Job History Details is suggested

4. Click Save. Your new password will pop up. Save the password in a secure location.

5. Now, search for ‘Service Account Administration’ in your UKG Pro search bar on the top right.

6. Copy the Customer API Key from under the header.

7. Paste the Customer API Key in the Connection Modal.

  • Finally, click the ‘Submit’ button to establish an active UKG Pro connection with Drata and begin the automatic syncing of HRIS data to the user data already present.

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