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ServiceNow Connection
ServiceNow Connection

This article covers how to connect your ServiceNow account to Drata with automation options.

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Connecting ServiceNow will allow Drata to inspect your systems to determine if security issues are being tagged and prioritized accordingly. Additionally, you may optionally enable “Write Access” to create tickets in ServiceNow directly from Drata.


Before Diving In…

  • Make sure you have administrative access to your ServiceNow Account

  • Only one ticketing account can have “write access” enabled in Drata

Connecting ServiceNow To Drata

  • In your Connections page, click on Available connections and select the Ticketing type. Scroll down to ServiceNow and click on Connect Now

  • Fill out the appropriate connection details for your ServiceNow connection in Drata and follow the step by step instructions

Configuring your ServiceNow Connection for Test 26

  • By default, the ticket type will be set as Incident and the tag Drata will look for will be Security. To change this, follow the steps below when you are first making the connection or editing the connection.

  • Please select the ticket type(s) that your organization uses for security related tasks. Drata currently supports 3 ticket types: Incidents, Problems, and Tasks.

  • Enter a tag that your organization uses to categorize security related tickets. For all tickets in the types you selected previously, Drata will evaluate tickets with the tag you specify.

    • Note: You must make sure this tag is enabled in your ServiceNow account. Please make sure it exactly matches what you have in your account

  • For tickets that meet the above specifications, Drata will check if they have a priority. Please ensure your ticket types selected above have the Priority field enabled in your ServiceNow account

  • You can always modify the specifications by clicking on the edit icon when viewing your ServiceNow Connection.

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