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Continuous Monitoring
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The Continuous Monitoring section of your Trust page can be used to showcase the controls you maintain within Drata and their current status.


Add Controls:

  • Scroll down to the “Continuous Monitoring” section and click on “Add Control” or the edit icon if you have already added controls

  • There are 6 control categories that can be displayed. These categories cannot be changed or re-ordered. Each category comes with a list of pre-mapped controls that come from the in-scope controls in your Controls page in Drata.

  • Pre-mapped controls in each category can be removed by first expanding the control category by clicking on the tile

  • Click on the minus icon to remove the control. If you remove all controls from a category, that category will not be displayed on your Trust Center.

  • Controls will be listed underneath each category in your Trust Center Page

  • To add a control to a category, first click on the edit icon at the top right

  • Click on the “Add Control” button at the top right

  • Select the category that you want to add the control to and then click “Next”. Only one category can be selected at a time. In your Trust Center, controls can only be shown in one category at a time.

  • You can multi-select from our list of in-scope controls. Controls that are already added to your Trust Center will not be displayed as options in this list.

  • Controls in each category are ordered by those with automated tests followed by those without. Controls cannot be re-ordered within a category

  • A description can be added to any control in your Trust Center page. When a viewer hovers over that control, they will see the description you entered. For example this description can be used to explain why certain control status is failing (yellow) if monitoring is enabled (more about status below)

Monitoring status of your controls: by default, the monitoring status will not be displayed. Here is how to showcase the status of your controls to viewers of your Trust Center page, based on your selected SLA.

  • Click on the edit icon for the continuous monitoring section

  • Check the box for the monitoring status at the top of the drawer.

  • A default SLA of 3 days will be pre-selected. To change this, click on the dropdown and select a new one.

  • If a control has a passed test within the timeframe of your SLA, it will display a green status on your Trust Center. If a control does not have any passed test within that time frame, it will have a yellow status on your Trust Center.

  • Monitoring status will only be displayed for controls with automated tests. If a control does not have an automated test, even if the monitoring status is turned on for your trust center, it will not display a status.

    • When monitoring status is turned on, controls that have a green status will be displayed first, followed by those with a yellow status, followed by those without a status.

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