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Workspaces - Ticketing Management
Workspaces - Ticketing Management

Create and manage tickets for Controls and Tests in all Workspaces

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Workspace Ticketing Management allows those with access to create tickets for Tests and Controls specific to their respective workspace. This will allow customers to create, manage, and triage tickets for their different products and teams.


  • You must have an admin, information security lead, or workspace manager role

  • You cannot have the Risk Manager role

  • Ticketing Providers in Drata with ‘Write Access’ will only be supported

  • Risk Management is not supported for creating tickets per workspace. However, the creation of tickets will remain the same within this section of the application

  • You must have an active connection with a supported ticketing provider

  • JIRA Automation is not supported at a per workspace level


As one of the system roles listed above, users will be able to navigate to the Control or Monitored page as they normally would for a non-primary workspace and create tickets for an individual Control or Test. Workspace Managers will also be permitted to create and manage tickets within the Drata platform as well for their assigned workspaces.

‘Write Access’ must be enabled in order to create tickets. Tickets include the associated workspace ‘name’ so that users managing tickets in their ticketing system will be able to know which workspace the ticket came from.

Control Example

Workspace Ticketing: Viewing the ticket list for a Control for a non-primary workspace

Ticket Example

Workspace Ticketing: Auto-generated workspace name in the Ticket name

Supported Ticketing Providers

The ticketing providers that will be supported are only those with Write Access, such as JIRA and Asana. This feature will be enhanced as other ticketing providers are added to the platform and ‘Write Access’ privileges are expanded. You must have an active connection, and only one ticket provider with ‘Write Access’ can be enabled per tenant.

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