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Connect AWS GovCloud
Connect AWS GovCloud
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Drata’s AWS GovCloud feature provides the same continuous compliance monitoring as our other AWS connections. However, it is important to note that Drata is currently hosted outside AWS GovCloud. You can find a complete list of our Sub-processors here.

This feature involves providing Drata with read-only access to AWS’s SecurityAudit policy, which may not be appropriate in all AWS GovCloud use cases.

Note: Please be aware that this integration is still in its beta phase, which means it is undergoing enhancements before its official release. During this phase, the integration may still not operate fully as intended.


Connecting Amazon Web Services GovCloud (aka "AWS GovCloud") to Drata allows for the automated, continuous monitoring and evidence collection of the dozens of infrastructure security controls required for compliance.


NOTE: As mentioned above, it is very important to carefully review your use case before connecting your AWS GovCloud instance.

Follow these instructions to connect AWS GovCloud to Drata:

1. Click on your Connections in the bottom of your left navigation menu.

2. In order to protect you against accidental connection, we have made this connection hidden. In order to connect, please go to the AWS GovCloud URL here.

3. Follow the 20 steps in the slide-out panel carefully. Take your time and complete one step entirely before moving on to the next. Don't forget the final step of copying and pasting the ARN for the role you just created ("DrataAutopilotRole") from AWS into the text field on Drata before clicking "Save & Test Connection.

⛳ You are all set! Once connected, you will see AWS GovCloud

All the Infrastructure monitoring tests should also include data from the AWS GovCloud account. (Please check the Data Encryption test below as an example)

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