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Vendor Insights Dashboard
Vendor Insights Dashboard
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The Vendor Insights dashboard gives you a holistic view of your TPRM program, making it easy for you to communicate and inform your stakeholders of your third party program’s risk and health. You’ll find graphs and charts that display details on your vendors’ risks, criticalities, statuses, review deadlines, and more.


This feature is only available to our TPRM Pro customers.


The dashboard is comprised of various elements; each of which provides a high level summary of the respective modules.

Lifecycle Overview

The first section is our Lifecycle overview. Here you’ll find Vendor Counts on:

  • Four key lifecycle statuses: Active, Under Review, On Hold, Flagged

  • Two key Reminder Statuses: Due Soon, Overdue

When you select any of the Lifecycle Overview cards, you will be redirected to the Vendor Directory page with the respective filter selected.

Risk Level and Criticality

The next section will provide a overview of your overall Vendor Risk and Criticality posture. This will include a distribution of your vendors across Risk Levels (High, Moderate, Low, None) and Criticality Levels (Yes, No, None).

Note: If a Vendor does not have a Risk or Criticality level, the chart will display “None” for that Vendor count.

Type, Password Policy, PII Storage

The next section will provide a overview of your Vendors Types, Password Policies and PII Storage. This will include a distribution of your vendors across Type (Vendor, Supplier, Contractor, Partner, Other, None), Password Policy (Username & Password, SSO, LDAP, None), and PII Storage (Yes, No).

Lifecycle Status and Business Units

The last section will provide you an overview of all the Lifecycle Statuses (Active, Under Review, Approved, Rejected, Flagged, On Hold, Off-boarded) and Business Units (Engineering, Marketing, Product, CS, Sales, Legal, Finance, Administrative, HR, Security) ordered by the most the least in Vendor Count. This is where you can quickly and easily understand where each Vendor is in the process of the procurement process and which types of companies you are doing business with.

Vendor Status descriptions:

  • Under Review - To be used when the vendor is still under consideration, such as security review or proof of concept still in progress

  • Approved - Vendor is approved for use, but may not be implemented yet or may be looking at other options still

  • Rejected - Vendor was reviewed and rejected for use

  • Active -This vendor is now implemented and actively being used by the org

  • Offboarded - to be used when an active vendor is no longer being used and is offboarded from the organization

  • On Hold - To be used when awaiting an action to be taken by vendor or another team

  • Flagged - This vendor needs an action taken that falls outside the normal process

  • Archived - This vendor was approved for use, but never actually onboarded or used, so they were never active and aren’t offboarded either

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