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Jira Tickets as Evidence
Jira Tickets as Evidence
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Many compliance and security tasks are coordinated through Jira. With Drata, you can link compliance evidence that exists in Jira through our Evidence Library.

Before Diving In…

  • Admins, Information Security Leads, Workspace Managers, Control Managers can add new evidence to the Evidence Library.

  • You will need to make a Jira connection in order to use this feature. Go to Connecting Jira to Drata to learn how to connect Jira or Creating Jira Tickets via Drata to learn how to create tickets in Drata.

  • Attachments to tickets that are linked must be under 25 MB.

  • Tickets must be closed in order to be added as evidence


Add a Jira Ticket as Evidence

On the left navigation menu, select Evidence Library under the compliance sectionOn the Evidence Library page, select “Add Evidence”

Enter a name and description on the ‘Add Evidence’ drawer. You are the default owner of the evidence. To change the owner, you delete yourself by selecting the X icon and enter the owner of the evidence.

Select “Ticketing provider” as your source.

After selecting the source, a confirmation message is shown that you are connected to Jira.

Enter the ticket URL with the following format:

Note: You can only enter the ticket URL after selecting a ‘Ticketing provider’ as the source.

  • The jira domain in the URL should your Jira connection(s)

Enter a creation date and a renewal date. Go to Evidence Renewal Date for more information about renewal date.

Link controls to your evidence by selecting ‘Link control’ in the linked controls section.

Save to add your evidence to the Evidence Library.

View Jira ticket evidence

  • On the Evidence library page, search and select the evidence. In the evidence drawer, the evidence is shown under the source section. Select view to view the ticket in Jira. Select download to download a zipped folder with the PDF file of the ticket and its attachments. Select update to edit the Jira link, creation date, and renewal date. The update does not synchronize any changes made in Jira to that ticket.

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