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Risk managers overview

Learn more about risk managers role, permissions, and functionality in Drata.

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Within your organization, you might have a specific personnel who manages internal and external risks. You can assign that personnel to Risk manager role so that they can have access to risks without having access to other sections within Drata.

In this help article, learn and discover the functionalities available to risk managers roles within Drata.


  • Admins do not need to be assigned Risk Managers. Admins have access to Risk assessment and if available Risk management.

Assigning the Risk Manager Role

  1. Navigate to the Drata portal and log in as an Admin.

  2. In the bottom left of your screen, select your company's logo and select Settings and then select the Role Administration tile.

  3. Go to the Risk managers section and add any personnel who need to access to risks.

    • Restricted view: Limit the risk managers access to only the risks and tasks (including vendor risks and tasks) that they own.

Risk managers access

The side navigation of the Drata app is divided into several sections, each containing pages you can access based on your role.

Note: If your role has the read-only permissions enabled, you can only view, filter, and download the data on the pages available to the role. You cannot modify the data or do certain actions available on that page.

  • Tasks

  • Risk

  • Settings

  • Help Menu


Access the Tasks page and risk tasks. To learn more about Tasks, go to Task.


Access the following pages under the Risk section on the navigation bar.

  • Risk Assessment page: Manage risks, create tickets, and map controls to risks. Learn more about Risk Assessment.

  • Risk Management page: Manage risks, create tickets, and map controls to risks. Learn more about Risk Management.

    • Note: The Risk Management feature is available with the Advanced package.

  • Vendors page: Edit vendor details, complete report reviews, and add vendors. Learn more about Vendors.


The Settings page can be found as an option under the user menu. Risk managers have access to 'My Settings'.

Help Menu

Select the help icon or Help & Feedback option to access the Help & Feedback drawer.

This drawer displays sections containing the help center, upcoming features, and community.

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