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Miro Connection

User Access Review connection: Connect Miro to Drata to review the list of users with access to Miro in your organization.

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Connect Miro to Drata in order to review the list of users with access to Miro in your organization. Get ahead of any permissions issues and stay on top of your user access reviews.


  • Ensure you have Admin access to your company's Miro account.

    • Verify your user role at:{companyId}/users. To learn more about configuring Miro roles, go to Roles in Miro.

Connect Miro to Drata

  1. On the ‘Connections’ page, select ‘Available connections’ and select the User Access Review category or search for Miro at the top search bar and select the ‘Connect’ button.

  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the drawer. Take your time and complete one step entirely before moving on to the next. To get your client id and secret, you must create an application on Miro (during the ‘Step 3: install your app’ step, copy and save your client id and client secret. It is used when connecting Miro to Drata). When configuring your Miro app, ensure that the permission scopes with organization:read and organization:teams:read is enabled. Those Miro permissions are available for Enterprise plans only. You do not need to configure a board to connect Miro to Drata.

    • Client Id: Enter your Miro’s application client Id. The client Id is used for Miro OAuthentication to open a tab where you can select the team that is going to connect with the application.

    • Client Secret: Enter your Miro’s application client secret.

The following image displays the connection drawer’s instructions.

Miro connection instruction drawer

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