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Connecting Zoom
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Connecting Zoom to Drata allows you to perform access reviews. You can review which users have access to Zoom, their roles, and their permission-levels.

Connect Zoom

Note: You can connect one or more Zoom connections for UAR. You can use the same or new credentials for each Zoom connection.

  1. On the “Connections” page, select “User Access Review” type and the “Available Connections” tab. Search for Zoom and select the Connect button.

  2. In the Zoom drawer, select the “Connect your Zoom Account” button. You will be redirected to the Zoom login page. Log in to connect Zoom to Drata.

  3. Close the drawer and verify that the Zoom connection is in the “Active connections” tab.

Manage users for Zoom accounts

  1. On the Connections” page, search for Zoom connections. Ensure you are on the “Active connections” tab.

  2. Select “Manage Accounts” link. You will be redirected to a new page that has a table with the retrieved users from all the current Zoom connections.

Verify users

The Zoom users with linked personnel (from the “Manage Accounts” page) is also displayed on the Access Review page for Zoom.

To view the user details from the Access Review page:

  1. Go to “Access Review” page and select the “Applications” tab (default tab).

  2. Select “View assigned personnel list” link for Zoom.

  3. View the table of users. You can verify the list of users corresponds to what you have in the “Manage Accounts” page.

To view the user details from the “Manage Accounts” page:

  1. On the Connections page, search and select Manage Accounts for Zoom.

  2. View the table of users.

Disconnect Zoom

  1. On the “Connections” page select “User Access Review” type and search for your Zoom connections.

  2. Select View link.

  3. On the Zoom drawer, select the trash button. A double confirmation modal will appear to confirm your action.

    • Note: When you remove a connection, all of the data associated with that connection is removed, including user access review data.

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