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Connecting to Teamtailor
Connecting to Teamtailor
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  • Have Admin privileges for your Teamtailor account to generate the API key and obtain Company ID. Refer to Using Teamtailor API for more Teamtailor API information.

    1. Go to your Teamtailor account and select Settings.

    2. On the left-hand menu under the Integrations header, select API keys.

    3. Select the New API Key button at the top right of the page.

    4. Enter the following fields:

      • Name: Enter a descriptive name.

      • API Scope: Add admin .

      • Read: Enable the Read option.

    5. Copy the API key and the company ID (which is part of the URL as shown below) to a safe place.

  • Create the account to get user credentials.

    1. Select the employees tab and the βž• to create a new employee.

    2. Enter the required fields and set the Role to Recruitment Admin. This will ensure the account has the correct permissions.

    3. If your account uses SSO, you will then have to exclude the employee from SSO, under the heading Exclude individual users from SSO login, as detailed here:

      After the user has been excluded, ensure a password is set. You may have to edit the permissions of the user by accessing the Employees tab and clicking on the gear βš™οΈ.

    4. You will see a page similar to step 2.2, where you can set the role to Recruitment admin.

    5. Select Add employee.

    6. The email address receives an invitation to create an account. On the email, select Create account. You might have to log out of your current account to create the password.

    7. You should now have the account email address and password to proceed with the Hub.

Enable SmartRecruiters

  1. Select Connections on the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the Available connections tab, search for [name], and select Connect.

  3. Follow the instructions on the connection drawer.

    • Enter the API key, Company ID, Email, and password.

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