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Connect to Attio
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Drata has an Attio integration. This integration monitors individual's access and roles within your platform for compliance purposes.


  • Ensure you have an Admin role in Attio.

  • Generate an API key in Attio with the required scopes and copy the access token. You will need the API key when connecting to Drata.

    • Scopes: For User Management, enable read access.

    • Refer to Attio's documentation to learn how to generate an API key. Ensure that the required scopes are enabled.

Enable Attio

  1. Select Connections on the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the Available connections tab, search for Attio, and select Connect.

  3. On the drawer, you can connect to Attio.

  4. In the next steps, paste the access token that goes along with the API key you created in the previous section.

A check mark with a success message indicates a successful connection.


If an error message is displayed after connecting, ensure that your API key has the correct scopes: User Management must have read access.

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