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Streamlined Risk Assessment set up

Set up to automatically populate your risk register, accurately identifying, assessing, and managing your risks.

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When setting up your Risk Assessment, you can answer seven simple questions to automatically populate your risk register, eliminating the need to manually add each risk into the register. A risk register is used to identify, assess, and manage risks associated with an organization. It serves as a log or database that tracks all identified risks, their severity, and the action steps to mitigate them. This automation enhances efficiency and streamlines risk management.

Note: It is crucial to answer the survey questions accurately to ensure all potential risks are covered. This accuracy helps in building a robust risk management framework that enhances your organization's compliance and operational resilience.

Get your Risk Assessment started

When accessing Risk Assessment, if you do not have any risk added to your risk register, you can answer seven questions to automatically populate your risk register instead of manually adding risks into your risk registry.

By the end of the survey, you can either retake the survey, automatically build your risk register, or exit the onboarding process.

  • If you exit onboarding, you will not have the risk automatically populated in your risk register.

  • If you do build your register, your risk register is automatically populated. You can always customize your risk register, by removing or adding risks.

  • If none of these questions apply to you, you can retake the survey, learn more about risks, or exit the survey without affecting your risk register.

Start the survey

To start the survey to automatically populate your risk register, follow these instructions. At the end of the survey, you will have the option to automatically populate your risk register or not.

  • On the Risk Assessment page, if your Risk Register is empty, you can select Get started to begin by starting the survey.

  • Select I want help building my risk register.

  • Answer each survey questions. This survey will ask about various systems or aspects that could present risks to your company.

Risk Assessment survey questions

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Confirm if your organization uses its own AI systems or utilizes third-party AI systems. If your company uses its own AI system and a third party AI system, ensure to confirm both options.

  2. Physical Site: Confirm if your organization owns or operates a physical site, including leased or operated office spaces.

  3. Cloud Environment: Confirm if your organization uses cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.

  4. Regulatory Requirements: Confirm if your organization needs to adhere to guidelines like GDPR, ISO 27001, or HIPAA.

  5. Software Development: Confirm if your organization develops software in-house, which involves certain risks.

  6. Unsecured Devices: Confirm if your organization uses company-issued devices in non-secure settings like coffee shops.

  7. Device Delivery: Confirm if your organization physically ships devices.

Build your risk register

After completing the survey, if you decided to build your risk register, your Risk Register will be automatically populated with the applicable risks based on your responses.

You can customize the Risk Register by adding or removing risks as needed. To add a risk, go to the Risk Library and view all of the available pre-populated risks and add the desired risks you would like to manage into Risk Register. To remove a risk, you can easily add the risk into the Risk Register.

Other resources

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