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Configuring Automatic Updates on your Computer
Configuring Automatic Updates on your Computer

Auto-updates on your computer

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NOTE: Your company may have alternate specific guidance for how you should configure auto-updates - please check with your IT and compliance teams.


On MacOS prior to Ventura:

  1. Open System Preferences, then click on Software Update

  2. Check Automatically keep my Mac up to date

  3. Click Advanced...

4. Check ALL of the boxes in the Advanced panel

On MacOS Ventura:

  1. Open System Settings

  2. Click the "General" tab

  3. Click the "Software Updates" option

  4. Ensure Automatic Updates are On

  5. Click the small information (i) icon

  6. Toggle ALL of the options on

  7. Click "Done"

On Ubuntu Linux:

Use the following guide to set up automatic updates:

On Windows:

Use the following guides to set up automatic updates, depending on your Windows version:

  1. Windows 10 and 11 click to expand the "How do I manually update my PC?" section

  2. (Support deprecated by Microsoft) Windows 7: Press the Win key > type Windows Update > Click the Windows Update Program > click Change Settings > select Install updates automatically (recommended)

  3. (Support deprecated by Microsoft) Windows XP

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