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Showing completion of Security Awareness Training
Showing completion of Security Awareness Training

Here's how to show you have completed Security Awareness Training within Drata

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Control: Security awareness training is provided to all employees on an annual basis. In order to show evidence to support this control, Drata provides employees the ability to upload proof of their training completion during the onboarding process and annually thereafter.


Part of the employee onboarding process within Drata is to show annual completion of Security Awareness Training. Your company will direct you to their approved Security Awareness training. If you do not have a specific training, you can see a free option from Eset linked to within the interface:

Once you have completed the training, you will upload proof of completion into Drata under 'Complete Security Awareness Training' and 'Upload file'.

NOTE: If you use the Eset option provided, you will upload a screenshot of the final screen showing all modules greyed out (complete) and include a time and date stamp

You will need to upload a new file annually to show completion.

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