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Drata Agent not reporting system updates
Drata Agent not reporting system updates

If you or your employee has made changes to their system (to meet requirements) and aren't seeing them report back to Drata

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Once you have installed the Drata Agent, it runs daily and reports back to Drata on items such as hard drive encryption, screensaver locking, antivirus software, password manager, and automatic updates.

If the Drata Agent is unable to retrieve data during the daily check, a gray icon appears in the personnel’s row along with the specific compliance check for which the Drata Agent was unable to retrieve data. This is also displayed in the personnel drawer. Select the personnel row to view the drawer. Hovering over the info icon shows details such as when this was last successfully checked by the Drata Agent and the last known compliance check result.

For Mac: Ensure that the device's 'Security & Privacy' settings are not blocking the Drata Agent's ability to report back the daily check. To do so, go to your device's 'System Preferences’ > 'Security & Privacy' > 'Privacy' and select 'Automation' on the left side.Under ‘Drata Agent', check the ‘System Events’ box.

For Windows: Go to the settings in 'Startup Folder'.

For Ubunu Linux: Go to ‘Startup Applications’ in the ‘Activities’ menu.

Other troubleshooting steps are to ensure that the Drata Agent App (drata-agent) is able to access the internet, specifically and, and that it is allowed in your corporate anti-virus application’s settings.

If you are still running into issues where the Drata Agent is unable to retrieve data, please reach out to technical support.

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