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Event Tracking

An audit trail of all events within Drata

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The 'Event Tracking' page provides you an audit trail of all events within the Drata platform.


Only account administrators or information security leads have access to this section within Drata.


In the upper left corner of the 'Events' page, you can filter by the category or type of event.

To get more details on a specific event, find the event and click on the row or scroll all the way to the right and click on the arrow icon. A drawer will open with additional details of the event selected.

From there, you can expand the ‘Response’ section by selecting 'Show raw evidence' to review the raw evidence provided as a JSON response. Once expanded, you can click on the copy icon to copy the full JSON response to your clipboard. Please note that if the raw JSON evidence is too large to display, you can always download the raw JSON evidence as a PDF or txt file.

These automated test results serve as evidence of the operating effectiveness of your controls over time. When asked for the evidence by your auditor, you can download this evidence anytime as a PDF. While the txt file contains only the raw JSON response, the PDF contains both the raw JSON response as well as additional details from the drawer to be used as evidence.

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