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Creating an SLA for employee onboarding completion
Creating an SLA for employee onboarding completion

You can adjust the number of days new employees have to complete their onboarding in Drata before control tests begin to fail

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Your company's personnel are your first line of defense against external threats and risk. As you know, Drata aims to streamline new employees onboarding into your company's culture of security and compliance starting on day 1. New employee and contractor accounts are auto-provisioned in Drata, allowing them to authenticate upon first receiving access to their G Suite or Office 365 account.

Ideally, new personnel would complete their background screen and security training prior to receiving access to systems or customer data. In reality, all onboarding steps might not be completed on day 1 of employment. Therefore, you can define the allowable amount of time in which new personnel should complete their onboarding in Drata. This is done within your Information Security Policy.


You must have admin or information security lead to update the SLA for employee onboarding.


Within the 'Policy Center', navigate to the 'Information Security Policy'.

If you have not yet created the policy or it is still in progress, click the blue plus mark and on the right side of the screen you will see 'SLA'.

Click 'SLA', and you will see a drawer extend from the right side of your screen where you will select the number of days you would like to give your employees to complete their onboarding in Drata before your control test related to employee onboarding will be impacted. Then select 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

If your ​'Information Security Policy' is already approved, you can click the pencil and paper icon in the policy center next to 'Information Security Policy', and edit the SLA in the same manner instructed above.

Then click 'Update Policy'.

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