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Controls Without Framework
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We know that not all controls that you manage are related to frameworks. For example, you may want to manage your security-related controls in one place inside Drata. With this new capability, you may add custom controls that are not mapped to any frameworks


To create a control that is not mapped to any framework

  1. Go to the Control section in Drata.

  2. Add your control (if not added already) by clicking on Create New Control button

3. Enter Control Details (Name, Code, Description, Question, ...) for your custom control.

4. If you want your new control NOT to be mapped to any frameworks, simply skip the MAPPED REQUIREMENTS section.

5. Once saved, you may view your unmapped control under the new "No Framework" filter.

Also, control download now includes frameworks that are not mapped to any frameworks. For these controls, the framework mapping columns will be empty.

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