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Fibery Connection Details
Fibery Connection Details

This article walks through the details of configuring Fibery to connect to Drata.

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Retrieve your Fibery authentication token

To acquire a token, log in into your Fibery workspace and execute the following code in the browser console (there are some handy tips on browser console usage below this step if you aren’t familiar with it):

fetch(`https://${}/api/tokens`, { method: 'POST' }) .then(res => res.json()) .then(obj => console.log("Your API token:", obj.value));

The browser will set the cookie automatically and your token will be printed in the console. It should look similar to the following:


Your API token carries the same privileges as your user, so be sure to keep it secret. Tokens cannot be shared across workspaces. To add a separate workspace you must obtain a new token from the workspace and create a new Fibery connection.

Tips on opening your browser console:

Supported/Required Fibery Column Field Types

  1. Your Entity type must utilize the Fibery "Assignments" column field type.

  2. Supported Tag field column types are

    1. Text

    2. Single Select

    3. Multi Select

  3. Supported Priority field column types are

    1. Text

    2. Single Select

Identifying Column Field Types

The column types in Fibery supported by Drata can be identified by their associated icons shown below.

Assignments Field Type

Text Field Type

Single Select Field Type

Multi Select Field Type

Validating your Fibery Connection

Due to the flexible nature of Fibery, it’s a good idea to validate that your connection is working as expected.

You can confirm this by triggering a failure and then correcting it. Create a new example entity in Fibery with the security label, but without a priority. Then manually run the Security Issues are Prioritized test and check it fails. Then set a priority in Fibery. Rerun the test and it should now pass.

If you have any problems click the See Raw Data button on the tests. Make sure that the test entities reflect the entities in your Fibery space appropriately.

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