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Workspaces - Multiple Product Support
Workspaces - Multiple Product Support

Manage compliance across multiple Workspaces with different infrastructure and compliance framework needs but shared operations.

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Customers need to manage multiple products or business lines with different infrastructure and compliance framework needs but with shared operations, such as personnel, vendors and assets.


Workspaces - Multiple Product Support must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager.


Add a Workspace

When your tenant is provisioned in Drata, a product workspace is created in the system, this is the Primary Workspace. You can create additional Workspaces under Company Info.

Navigate to the Your Profile -> Settings -> Company Info page by following the steps shown here:

Scroll down to the Workspaces section and select 'Add Workspace'.

Complete the requested information in the Add Workspace drawer and select 'Add'.

An informational modal will display to let you know that it takes Drata a few minutes to build out the associated frameworks and tests for your new Workspace. Select 'Continue' to acknowledge and continue.


Once a Workspace has been created, you may choose to add Frameworks to, or remove Frameworks from, that Workspace. You must enable a Framework from the Workspaces section, not the Frameworks page.

  • NOTE: even if the Workspaces feature has been enabled on your Drata account, but you have not yet created any new Workspaces, you still must take this step to enable your desired frameworks on your default Workspace.

Repeat the steps above by going to Company Info. Scroll down to the Workspaces section and select the "Edit" link on any existing Workspace card. Click the "x" on any current Framework pill to remove it. Select an enabled Framework from the dropdown menu to add it. Click "Save" when done.

Now, the cards on the Frameworks page for any enabled Frameworks on that Workspace will be clickable.


Some connections can be associated to specific Workspaces. These connection categories include: Infrastructure, Observability, Ticketing, Version Control and Vulnerability Scanning. All other connection categories apply across all Workspaces.

When setting up these connections you can select the specific Workspace(s) to associate to the connection.

Workspace Picker

The Workspace picker allows you to switch between Workspaces. Select a Workspace to view and manage information for that particular Workspace.


The navigation bar is separated into two sections: Workspace-specific and company-wide information. The top section includes Workspace-specific pages: Dashboard, Controls, Frameworks, Monitoring, Event Tracking and Evidence Library. These reflect information specific to the selected Workspace. The bottom section includes pages that apply to all Workspaces (across the tenant): Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Vendors, Assets, Personnel and Policy Center.

*Only controls for the primary workspace can be mapped to risks. Ability to map controls from any workspace to risks is coming soon!

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