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The Compliance section of your Trust page can be used to add files and custom compliance records to showcase your compliance against global standards.


All content available for this section is pulled from the your "Evidence Library".


Add files:

  • Click on “Add Framework” or click on the “edit” icon

  • Click on “Add Report”.

  • This will open a modal where you can select files from your Evidence Library page in Drata to be uploaded to your Trust Center. You can search and multi-select reports to be added to your compliance section in your Trust center.

  • Files in your Trust Center will be ordered based on the most recently uploaded. This order cannot be changed once a file has been uploaded.

  • To delete a file, click on the “Minus” icon on the right.

  • Private status: If you have an NDA uploaded in your “Trust Center Settings” of your Trust Center, all files uploaded to your Trust Center will be set to “Private” by default, but can be changed to “Public”. If you do not have an NDA uploaded, all files will be set to “Public” and cannot be changed to “Private”.

    • If you have an NDA uploaded and files set as “Private”, you cannot delete your NDA until you remove or change the files to “Public”.

  • Compliance logo: All files uploaded to the “Compliance” section will have a “General” image type set as default. Click on the dropdown to select between 7 options: General, SOC, ISO 27001, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, and PCI. Selecting one of the frameworks will display the respective badge for that framework next to the file in your compliance section. Below is an example of a file with “SOC” type and “General” Type.

Add Custom Records: These can be used for HIPAA, GDPR, or any standards that you want to showcase in the compliance section.

  • Click on the edit icon of the “Compliance” section

  • Click on “Add Custom Record”

  • Enter a “Custom Record Title”, “Description”, and set the file type for the logo of the record. Only one custom record can be added at a time.

  • Custom Records can be removed by clicking on the “minus” icon.

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