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Controls: Set Up Required Approvals
Controls: Set Up Required Approvals
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It is crucial for organizations to both maintain and determine control readiness. With Drata, you can set up internal reviews and approvals for your controls, reducing complex processes and various tools.


  • Roles with write-access to the Control page will have access to act on and manage ‘Required Approvals’. The roles include admins, information security leads, workspace managers, and control managers.

  • Only the assigned approvers have the ability to ‘Approve’ or ‘Request Changes’.

  • Auditors with read_only access will not be able to see the internal notes section, but have read_only access to the Required Approvals component.


Control readiness approval allows you to easily establish an internal review and approval process before any control is marked as ‘Ready’.

You can add required approvals to individual controls or select multiple controls to apply required approvals to all selected control.

Set Up Required Approvals For Each Control

Go to the Controls page and select your desired control. In the control drawer, verify that there is ‘Control Owners’ and select the ‘Set up’ button next to the ‘REQUIRED APPROVALS’.

In the following image, the control drawer is shown where you can view the control owners and the required approvals section.

The following image shows there are multiple approvers, and December 15, 2023 is the approval deadline*

You can add one or multiple approvers. If you add multiple approvers, only one approval is required. Next, select an approval deadline and select save.

The following image displays the final outcome of the request for approvals and the option to ‘Send to approvers’.

Bulk Set Up Required Approvals for Multiple Controls

To add ‘Required Approvals’ to multiple controls, go to the Controls page and select ‘No approvals assigned’ under the ‘Required approvals’ to select the desired controls. Ensure that each selected control has a control owner. If a control does not have a control owner, an error message will appear indicating which control needs a control owner.

In the following image, multiple controls are selected.

To begin bulk adding control approvals, select ‘Add approvals’.

After selecting ‘Save’, the selected controls are located under the ‘Prepare for approvers’ instead of the ‘No approvals assigned’.

💡 Each control needs one or more control owners before adding required approvals.
The following images show the error message when there is an attempt to add required approvals to controls that do not have control owners.

The following image shows an attempt to add required approvals to a control that does not have control owners.

The following image shows an attempt to add required approvals to multiple controls with some controls that do not have control owners. The error message indicates which controls do not have control owners such as DCF-119 and DCF-121.

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