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Controls: Delete Required Approvals
Controls: Delete Required Approvals
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It is crucial for organizations to both maintain and determine control readiness. With Drata, you can set up internal reviews and approvals for your controls, reducing complex processes and various tools.


  • Roles with write access, such as administration, information security lead, workspace manager, or a control manager, can manage the required approvals.


Delete Required Approvals

To delete an approval, select the edit icon in the ‘Required approvals’ section.

After selecting the ‘Delete approval’ button, a confirmation modal will appear to ensure that this is the decision you would like to move forward with.

After you select the ‘Remove approval’ button, the control will no longer require an approval in order to it to be ‘Ready’.

Delete a required approval after a control has been approved

You can delete an approval after it has been approved. Deleting an approval does not remove internal notes, events in event tracking, and previous approvals. To set up required approvals again, please refer to the Set Up Required Approvals help article.

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