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Review and Acknowledge Company Policies
Review and Acknowledge Company Policies

Acknowledge policies as an employee or contractor

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It's important that all personnel review and acknowledge company policies during onboarding, and then again on an annual basis, unless changes are made to those policies earlier. The review and acknowledgement of company policies is streamlined in Drata.


1. Login to Drata using your Google or Office365 account.

2. Click anywhere on the "Review & Acknowledge Company Policies" section

3. An accordion will dropdown with the company's policies listed within. Select the policy you would like to acknowledge. The policy will open in a slide-out panel from the right of the screen.

4. Review the policy carefully, and when you are ready click "Acknowledge Policy" button at the bottom of the slide-out panel.

6. Select the "Next Policy" link in the lower right.

Repeat steps 4-6 until you've reviewed/acknowledged all policies. After completing for all policies, you'll notice the section looks like this:

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