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Connecting Checkr to Drata
Connecting Checkr to Drata

Making the initial connection to Checkr (BG Checks)

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By connecting Checkr to Drata, background checks are automatically synced to Drata. These background checks can be linked to the employee and used as evidence that a background check was conducted. You can also choose to give each employee the ability to order a new background check from Checkr during onboarding through My Drata. This will appear in the background check section of My Drata for your employees.


  • You must be an admin on your company's Checkr account. If you do not yet have a Checkr account, register for one here. When a new Checkr account is created, background checks cannot be run until the account is credentialed and the integration cannot proceed until that step is completed internally by the Checkr team.

Enable Checkr

  1. Select Connections on the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the Available connections tab, search for Checkr, and select Connect.

  3. Follow the instructions on the connection drawer. On the drawer select either option to begin the OAuth connection.

  4. If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to log in to your Checkr Dashboard.

  5. Select the Node that has been set up in your Checkr account for each region (US and International).

    • If you do not want your employees to be able to order a particular regional BG check during onboarding, do not select a node for that region.

    • If Account Hierarchy is not enabled (within Checkr), the node fields is hidden and we only display the packages. Skip and select your packages.

    • Selecting a node and packages only influences your personnel's My Drata page for background checks. Drata syncs both US and International BG checks that are found once connection is made.

  6. Select the package. If the node selected for a region does not contain any packages, the packages are not populated.

    • An employee initiating a US background check receives the US package selected

    • An employee initiating an International background check receives the International package selected.

First Time Setup

Note: In order for your account to be eligible for "Live" (non-testing) API requests, you might have to contact [email protected] to activate your account.

If you want to allow personnel to initiate new background checks in Drata, select your company's logo in the lower left, and in the fly-out menu, select Human Resources.

Under the Background Checks section, select the radio button for Use Checkr for background checks. View human resources for more details.

If you do not want personnel to have any view in their My Drata onboarding related to background checks, select the option "We use a different background check solution" and will upload manually for each employee on the Personnel page. This will hide the "Background Check" section for your employees and prevent the ability to

Employee experience

Once Checkr is connected and properly setup with Human Resources settings configured to allow employees to order new background checks, the background check sections appears in My Drata page.

After they select the correct background check type and select Start my Background Check, an email is sent to the personnel from Checkr to initiate the process.

The personnel is in pending state. Drata receives the following events from the Checkr webhook and then updates your employee's compliance check.

  • invitation.completed event: Indicates that the employee submitted the report.

  • report.completed event: Indicates that the report has been received. This is the signal that the entire background check process is complete.

Background check not enabled

If a background check type has not been setup to be enabled, your employees will not be able to order that background check and will be notified that the background check type being initiated is not available.

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