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Multiple MDM Support
Multiple MDM Support

This article explains how Drata handles multiple MDMs

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For customers that have multiple MDMs, Drata supports multiple connections in order to cover devices across multiple sources and make it easier to obtain compliance information for those devices.


Before diving in, please make sure that the devices you wish to monitor are enrolled in at least one of Drata's supported MDMs and you have connected that MDM to Drata.

If you don't have your MDM connected to Drata, please go to your side nav menu on the left and select 'Connections' at the bottom of the page.

Next, scroll down to find your company's MDM and click on 'Connect':

Follow the setup instruction in the MDM drawer to connect your MDM.

Enabling/Disabling MDMs: Once you have connected your MDMs, you can ensure they are enabled by going to the settings page by clicking your account name in the lower left hand side nav menu and then clicking 'Settings' in the pop up menu.

Once on the 'Settings' page navigate to the Internal security -> Workstation Configuration Monitoring section. Make sure your MDM's are enabled (they are enabled by default as soon as you connect one).

MDM Sync and Priority: Every night, Drata will sync device information from your active MDMs (as enabled above) and align that data to your personnel.

โ€‹NOTE: Drata will prioritize information from the Drata Agent over any MDM if installed on a device.

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