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Multi-Device Support

This article explains how Drata handles multiple Devices per user.

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Drata supports tracking multiple devices per user to ensure that your employees and contractors are working on secure and compliant machines.


  • In order to use multiple devices with Drata, the devices must be added via Drata Agent or MDM.

  • Mobile devices are not yet supported.

  • Shared/Kiosk devices are not supported (devices operated by or for 2 or more people). Only ONE person will be responsible for a device’s compliance.

  • If you are using JumpCloud as your MDM and you have multiple owners per device, only one person will have the device registered in Drata. The other owners will have a “Manually Configured” device show up in their personnel details.

  • If a User has no registered devices, a “Manually Configured” device will be shown. Evidence can be uploaded manually for this device in order to demonstrate compliance.


The Drata platform can capture data from multiple devices per user via Agent or MDM automatically. For the Agent, all you need to do is to install and register the Drata Agent on each device. For MDM, you need to have all the devices set up in MDM and Drata will bring in the data from all devices within a day after Autopilot completes syncing your MDM data.

My Drata

If at least one toggle for Workstation Configuration Monitoring is set under your company's Internal Security section by administrators, users will see "Configure your devices" in their My Drata screens with a tab for each device connected to Drata.

If your administrators set "Manually via personnel uploading evidence" under Internal Security, users can also add manual evidence for each device by clicking on the device tab and selecting "View/Upload Evidence."

If the Drata Agent is enabled, users can install and register it on each device individually. All the registered devices will show up in the Agent section as seen below.


The Personnel Page also features a Device Compliance column and Device Compliance filter which help admins check device compliance statuses. If a person has multiple devices, in the device compliance column, Drata will display the count of devices.

When you click on a specific member of the personnel to view their details, scroll to the bottom to find information on all associated devices. On each row, overall compliance for the device, OS, and the unique identifier are shown. Clicking on the device will expand the view to show all compliance-related information. You can also upload manual evidence here.

NOTE: If there are no devices registered to a person, the personnel drawer will show a “Manually Configured” device to where manual evidence can be uploaded to validate compliance. If there are multiple unknown devices, it is up to the user to provide evidence for all of them.

When you click on “Manage” in the personnel drawer next to the devices, you will be taken to the Assets page filtered by that personnel’s devices. There will be an asset row for each of a user’s devices.

You can also unlink a device from a user on the Assets page. This causes the device to no longer count towards that user’s compliance checks or monitoring tests. This is useful in cases of retired, stolen, or broken devices.

In case the device was synced via MDM, you will be able to link it back to the user.

Drata will automatically detect if there is a change in device ownership (via Agent/MDM) and link/unlink devices so that only the latest user of a device is responsible for its compliance.

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