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Trust Center DocuSign Connection Details
Trust Center DocuSign Connection Details

This article covers DocuSign Integration for Trust Center.

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DocuSign is one of the most used solutions for processing and managing NDA documents. This integration allows you to connect your DocuSign account to send an NDA to requesters before they are given access to the private files in Trust Center.


  • To install the Drata app in your DocuSign account, you must be on the highest DocuSign enhanced plan with the “organization administration” feature enabled. Without this feature, Drata will not be able to send envelopes to requesters on your behalf.

  • The NDA template you use in DocuSign must be a one-way template. Please make sure you have pre-signed the document so only the requester needs to add their signature in DocuSign.

  • To set up the connection, you must be an admin in Drata and an admin in your DocuSign account.


Connect DocuSign

  • Once the DocuSign add-on has been enabled for your account, go to the connections page in Drata and scroll down to the “Digital Signature” Section. Click on “Connect

  • When the drawer opens, click on “Connect your DocuSign account” You will be redirected to DocuSign and prompted to complete the Drata connection.

Selecting an NDA in your Trust Center from DocuSign

  • Go to your Trust Center page in Drata and click on “NDA Settings” at the top

  • In another tab, open your DocuSign account. Select the template for your NDA you want to use. Copy the template ID. Go back to your Trust Center and paste that template ID into the field below.

  • When you are setting up your NDA template in DocuSign, in the “Add Recipient” section, there should only be one recipient and the Role should be “signer”. This will allow Drata to enforce the fields you want placed in the document for the signer.

  • Note: To update your NDA, we recommend replacing the document in that template in DocuSign instead of creating a new template. If you delete the template from your DocuSign account, your Trust Center Requests will not go through.

Private Access Approval Flow with DocuSign

  • Now that you have connected DocuSign, when you view a Trust Center Request, you will see 2 options: “Deny” or “Approve”.

  • When you click on “Approve”, Drata will automatically send the requester an envelope from DocuSign with your NDA on your behalf. You can track the status of the envelope on that same page.

  • When you click on “NDA Sent”, you can view the status of the envelope from your DocuSign account in a new tab instead.

  • Drata will only send the files to the requester once all signatures have been completed. The status on the approval page will also be updated.

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