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AI in Drata
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Trust guides both our organizational values and AI development practices. By embedding responsible AI principles across our systems and processes, we uphold robust governance ensuring our solutions empower users ethically.

Privacy and security

At Drata, here’s how we protect data:

  • Anonymize datasets to preserve privacy through strategies like data masking.

  • Follow strict access control and encryption protocols aligned to global data regulations.

  • Clearly communicate our privacy practices and data management protocols.

Drata is committed to earning trust through responsible data stewardship. To learn more, refer to our Trust and Privacy by Design: Drata's AI Philosophy.

AI principles

  • Strict data separation. We enforce strict data separation across all of our customers to ensure your information is kept safe.

  • Responsible governance. We designed our AI approach with fairness, inclusivity, safety, reliability, and privacy in mind.

  • Content moderation. Our team conducts internal reviews and uses automated tools to ensure data quality.

  • You're in control. You can always change your preferences for AI features in settings.

Enable AI questionnaire response summary

Go to AI summaries for vendor questionnaire responses to learn how to enable AI questionnaire response summary.

Enable or disable AI features in Drata

Go to Enable or disable AI for questionnaire summary to learn how to enable or disable AI features in Drata.

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