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Pre-Approved Email Domains (Trust Center Pro only)
Pre-Approved Email Domains (Trust Center Pro only)
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To speed up the access request process, you can now add pre-approved email domains to your Trust Center. Anyone with an email with a pre-approved domain will be automatically granted access to private documents on your Trust Center.


Note: This feature is only available on Trust Center Pro.


  • On the Access & Requests Page, click on Approved Domains

  • To add a domain, click Add Email Domain. Type an email domain and click Save. This will add a domain to your Trust Center. Multiple domains can be added at a time.

  • To remove a domain, in the approved domains table, click the trash icon next to the email domain.

  • You can also search the approved table by email domain.


  • All pre-approved domains will have access to private documents on your Trust Center as long as they remain on that pre-approved list. A domain must be removed from that field for that domain to not have access to private documents.

  • Adding an email domain to that field will not retroactively approve requests submitted from that domain in the past. This will only auto-approve all future requests.

All pre-approved requests will not have an NDA associated with their requests.

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