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Connecting Certn to Drata
Connecting Certn to Drata

Making the initial connection to Certn as background checks and user access review provider.

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Integrate Certn to Drata for comprehensive background checks and access reviews. You can connect Certn as a background check provider to efficiently conduct background checks for new hires and streamline their onboarding process within our platform. All background check summaries are stored within Drata for easy access. Additionally, integrating Certn as an access review provider to monitor user access and roles, ensuring compliance and security across your organization.

Note: Certn connection is not available for EU-based customers, however, you can connect Checkr and Karmacheck. To learn more, go to Connecting Checkr to Drata or Connecting KarmaCheck to Drata.


  • Make sure you have a Certn account for your company. You can contact your Drata CSM for an introduction.

  • Save your Certn API key.

    • To create a Certn API key, go to Settings in Certn, then navigate to the desired Team, and select Team Settings.

    • From there, you can select API Keys from the left menu.

    • Finally, select Add API Key to create the API Key. Make sure to copy the API token; you will need this value to connect Certn to Drata.

  • Register our webhook URL to your Certn account.

    • To register the webhook URL, go to Settings in Certn, then navigate to the desired Team, and select Team Settings.

    • From the Team Settings page, enter the webhook URL and save.

      • Drata’s Webhook URL:

    • Finally, make sure to copy the Webhook Secret; you will need this value to connect Certn to Drata.

Enable Certn

  1. Select Connections on the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the Available connections tab, search for Certn, and select Connect.

  3. Enter the following fields in the drawer.

    • API Key: Enter the Certn API Key.

    • Webhook Secret Key: Enter Certn Webhook secret key.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Select the packages you have configured on your Certn account. To learn more about the packages, go to the description of the available packages or verify with your Certn account contact.

    • NOTE: OneID, also known as Enhanced Identity Verification, is required for Canadian and International background checks. It is also recommended for US background checks.

  6. At the bottom of the drawer, make sure to enable the user access review functions if you would like to use the access review feature for this provider.

  7. Select Save & Test Connection.

Implement Certn for background checks

After you made your connection, you can select Certn for background checks. Go to Drata’s Settings and then the Human Resources page. Under Background Checks sections, select Use Drata's partner Certn for background checks. For more information, go to the Human Resources help article.

Note: When it is time for your personnel to go through a background check, in the My Drata page, under the Background Check section, you will see Certn. The personnel can select U.S, Canada, or International background check and then start their background check.

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