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Announcements (Trust Center Pro only)
Announcements (Trust Center Pro only)
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The Announcements section of your Trust page can be used to communicate updates to your compliance posture, responses to wider security incidents and vulnerabilities, and any other important information your visitors might need to know.


Note: This section is only available on Trust Center Pro.


  • Scroll to the Announcements section at the top of your Trust Center. Click on “Add An Update”.

  • Enter text into the title and body. The title has a 150-character limit and the body has a 2,500 character limit.

  • Once you’ve entered text into the title and body, click “Save”.

  • Once you’ve Saved, your Announcement will be published in your Trust Center.

  • If you want to Remove your Announcement, click Remove Announcement.

  • Click Yes, Remove which will clear your announcement.

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