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Connect your HRIS to Drata
Connect your HRIS to Drata

Learn how to connect HRIS providers to Drata and the available HRIS providers.

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Connecting HRIS to Drata allows for automated checks and evidence collection to provide details on personnel start and separation dates as well as their employment status. This ensures you’re monitoring the correct personnel for compliance and improves Drata’s ability to link data within the platform. In this help article learn how to connect the new HRIS providers to Drata and the new available HRIS providers.


Make sure you have admin access to your HRIS account..


Follow these instructions to connect your HRIS provider to Drata:

  • Select "Connections" in the lower left corner, “HRIS” under the types of connections, and then “Available connections” to view the available HRIS providers.

  • Select “Connect” to access the drawer to connect your provider.

  • Follow the instructions on the drawer.

    • During the connect flow, some of the connections links to Merge documentation which may indicate a payroll data requirement, but Drata does not sync payroll data. You can leave the permission or scope unchecked.

      • For example, zenefits links to merge documentation.

  • The required data Drata syncs to is shown during the connect flow.

    • The following showcases the data Drata syncs to for zenefits.

List of HRIS providers

New HRIS providers:

  • AlexisHR

  • Breathe

  • Ceridian Dayforce

  • Charlie

  • ChartHop

  • Deel

  • Employment Hero

  • Factorial

  • HR Partner

  • Humaans

  • Insperity Premier

  • IntelliHR

  • Keka

  • Lucca

  • Namely

  • Officient

  • OysterHR

  • Paychex

  • Paycor

  • PeopleHR

  • Sage HR

  • SAP SuccessFactors

  • Sapling

  • UKG Ready

To learn more about connections and integrations, go to Integrations.

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